el huaso

Struggling with short-term memory loss, Gustavo has retired from his business and finds some solace in his homeland of Chile by pursuing a childhood dream - competing as a “huaso” in rodeos. Awaiting the results of tests to determine whether he has Alzheimer's, and having long professed he would end his life if it became unbearable, Gustavo begins making preparations for his death, while his family struggles to accept his decision to end his life.
El Huaso explores the pivotal point in one man’s life where he takes it upon himself to shape his own mortality.
Canadian Distributor: Les Film Du 3 Mars
Chilean Distributor: Miradoc
US Distributor: Magic Lantern

pacha mama

While Easter fast approaches Bolivia’s streets, La Paz is offered a large sum of money by Juan Ramirez. A representative of a large Chilean natural gas company is determined to obtain her deceased husband’s sacred land. At the women’s daily lunch spot, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz playfully provoke gossip while fiercely arguing over current political issues as Potosi, an illiterate kiosk owner, mediates their outbursts. While La Paz's child, Emerica, rebels against her indigenous roots by assimilating with tourists. The group’s matriarch, Pacha, becomes weaker and increasingly more ill as the countries Easter celebrations gain strength. Pacha Mama examines the internal struggle of six women and how their choices will represent an ever-changing shift in the cultural traditions of the indigenous Latin American people.


Priscille “Priss” Bales was four years old when her life was swept into chaos following the death of her baby sister, Muguet. First reported as an abduction during a family vacation in New York City, it was soon discovered that in a frantic effort to hide the infant’s death, Priscille’s abusive and mentally ill parents had in fact dumped her body in nearby woods and driven to NYC with Priscille, where they would report Muguet’s “abduction” from Central Park. Understandably, this created a storm of media interest in both Canada and the United States. While Priss has not spoken to her father for 20 years, she is burdened by his memory in her day-to-day life, and this manifests as acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Priss is a feature length documentary, which follows 24-year-old Priscille along her unorthodox path to healing.

resurrecting hassan

With passion, the three members of the Harting family make a living singing a cappella ballads in the Montreal metro. All three are blind and haunted by the tragic drowning death of the only seeing member of their family, Hassan. Enter Russian mystic and cult-like leader Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, who promises to help his followers regenerate and resurrect the dead. For the Hartings, Hassan’s resurrection is their only hope for completing their family once more. With intimate access and unflinching observations, the film chronicles the Hartings’ attempts at dealing with their collective grief. What emerges is a highly unusual family portrait of three complex yet lovable characters.
International Sales: Cinephil
Canadian Distribution: Les Film Du 3 Mars
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peggy, denis and lauviah

Peggy, Denis and Lauviah attempts to reconstruct the perception of cinema by giving a super 8 camera to a blind family of three.

pura sangre

Torn from the pages of a South American travelogue, Pura Sangre explores the obsession with sociological and biological bloodlines.

arturo and rony

Arturo Blanco is a 38 year-old Chilean-Canadian doctor who has lived for most of his life in Montreal. After losing his job and his marriage as a result of spiraling addictions to alcohol and pain killers, he has returned to Chile and is working at a free medical clinic in the low-income Santiago neighbourhood of Puente Alto. As he struggles to come to grips with his addictions and with the unfamiliar country that he has returned to he meets Rony, a 10 year-old boy living in Puente Alto. With a mother in prison and a brother constantly involved drug-related violence, Rony opens a window for Arturo onto the darkest sides of life in this neglected and crime-ravaged neighborhood. Ultimately, he provides Arturo with the incentive that he has been missing. In order to save Rony from the life that he seems destined for, Arturo has to save himself as well.